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Jowett Car Club Vehicle Description Document Details of your Jowett are part of the ongoing history of Jowett Cars Ltd. Please complete this form and send it to the appropriate registrar (see inside Jowetteer front cover) or email to,,,, Please also send a copy to You can copy this form into your favourite editor and complete electronically and then email. You can print this form and send by post. You can enter, check and amend the details we hold by using Member Services on It is helpful if you can keep a copy of this form with your vehicle V5 Document. If the ownership of the vehicle changes please pass the copy to the new owner
YOUR DETAILS: Family name:                      Colloquial or given name:                       You need only supply contact details if you have not given your membership number and only if you want to .
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Please choose any Vehicle Condition Potential Concours Winner A+, Running in regular use A, Undergoing Restoration B, Restoration stalled C, Being used for spares D, Rolling Chassis only E, Engine only F,Log Book only G, Scrapped Z
IF POSSIBLE PLEASE SUPPLY A PHOTOGRAPH either along with the paper form or attached in an email. Photos can be attached to a post in JowettTalk and can be linked to the vehicle record in Member Services. Any other details you wish recorded e.g. former owners or its history.

DATA PROTECTION The GDPR statement, the Jowett Car Club Limited Articles and Byelaws can be viewed on or obtained from the Secretary of JCC Ltd. I confirm I give my consent for the Jowett Car Club Limited to store the information I provide electronically:
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