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Jowett Car Club Ltd Membership Form Please make sure you complete all of the form and sign it (if returning on paper) or email it. If renewing please return before 31st December by post or email, even when paying electronically, so we can use your data. You only need to indicate changes to your details held by the club, but if in doubt enter them anyway. Copy this form into your favourite editor and then email or print this form and send by post. Use a 'Y' for a tick. Enter, check and amend the details we hold by using Member Services on
You/Yourselves – Please provide your address as defined by your postal service.
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Your Membership Choice (Please indicate by selecting one box only) You need to be a FULL member to obtain spares from Jowett Car Spares. Associate is for people who do not own a Jowett. Junior for all under the age of 17 in same household. UK Members(and Overseas Members opting for the Jowetteer by email only) Single £40 Joint £42 Single Assoc £35 Joint Assoc £37 Junior £5 Overseas Members taking a printed Jowetteer Single £45 Joint £47 Single Assoc £40 Joint Assoc £42
Your Jowetteer Sent to you by Email? A posted printed copy?  
Your Club Section East Anglian EA, Midlands MI, Northern NO, North East NE, North West NW, Scottish SC, Southern SO, South West SW, Overseas Europe ZE Overseas non-Europe ZO
First Aid Scheme – Please tick if you can offer any of the following to members needing assistance. I have spares for pre-War,  Bradford,  JaveLin,  JUpiter  I can do minor Repairs.  I can provide Accommodation.  I can Tow for a short distance. Willing to Help get jowett on the road   I need help getting a Jowett on the road. 
Please use the Vehicle Description Document at or a separate piece of paper and include Model, Registration number,Year and Chassis number. If you believe the JCC has your vehicle recorded the model and registration number will suffice. You can check and amend the details we hold by using Member Services on
Payment Methods and Instructions Please indicate your payment method by ticking ONE of the boxes below. 
Cheque Payable to: Jowett Car Club Ltd. Send this form and your cheque to JCC Membership Secretary, Barbara Atack, Moorside, Old Lees Road, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8HW. Email: Please enclose an SAE if you wish to receive a Membership Card. Overseas members can pay by a cheque drawn on a UK bank with a UK sort code.
BACS  EFT  For BACS or EFT use: Account name: Jowett Car Club. Sortcode: 05-03-87. Account No: 49859657. For the payment reference use your JCC Membership number, your surname and initials.
IBAN   Overseas Members Only JCC IBAN number is: GB47YORK05038749859657 Please pay through your own bank IN STERLING using your surname as the reference.
PAYPAL There is a £2 surcharge. PayPal can be used for credit and debit card payments. Use the PayPal selection on
DATA PROTECTION The GDPR statement, the Jowett Car Club Limited Articles and Byelaws can be viewed on or obtained from the Secretary of JCC Ltd. Please sign the declaration below in addition to completing the application form. If you are applying for joint membership, both parties must sign the declaration.
DECLARATION: I hereby agree that my application for membership of the Jowett Car Club Limited is made on the understanding that Jowett Car Club Limited is subject under the laws of England and Wales to the Companies Act 1985 including any statutory modification or re-enactment of it for the time being in force. I agree to observe and be bound by the Articles of Association and the Byelaws of Jowett Car Club Ltd. I confirm I give my consent for the Jowett Car Club Limited to store the information I provide electronically and that I will not distribute information on other members to non-members without authorisation from the club executive.  You must tick this box but the following two you have a choice. To comply with GDPR requirements unticked boxes are presumed NO.
Your Signature(s) I wish to be a member of Jowett Car Club Ltd. Receipt of electronic form by email is equivalent to signing. Email to:
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Your final check – please ensure that you have: +enclosed this application form completed and signed +enclosed your cheque or indicated that you have chosen one of the alternative methods of payment +ticked the declaration box and given your consent or not.